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Attic Insulation Services in Bowmanville


Durham Insulation offers attic insulation in Bowmanville and the Durham Region. We have been helping residential clients since 1988 with top-quality work and excellent customer service. A properly insulated attic is essential to deal with Canadian weather conditions. We have got it all covered, from removing existing insulation to installing new insulation. Get in touch with our team today to get an estimate or learn more about suitable insulation options for your home. You can also refer to our blogs to learn about insulation’s various methods and details, including tips and tricks to ensure higher durability.


Our Services

Are you a homeowner looking to insulate your attic? Durham Insulation will be the right fit for you. We serve Bowmanville and Durham Region homeowners with trusted attic insulation services. Our services include: 

  • Spray foam insulation: Our skilled team can offer you an air-tight seal for your attic using spray foam insulation, allowing your heating systems to be more energy-efficient and reduce your heating bills.

  • Batts and blown-in insulation: Batt and blankets, cellulose insulation, and drill and fill are other attic insulation options that we offer. We also provide environmentally friendly, recycled options.

  • Insulation removal: We remove old insulation from walls, attics, basements, and crawl spaces safely and efficiently to apply new layers of insulation.

  • Ice damming defence: We can help you control and reduce ice damming in your house or office with adequate insulation.

  • Mould removal: Mould can damage your house’s structure and is often found in the attic, affecting your insulation. Trust us for professional mould removal services. 

To learn more about attic insulation services in the Durham Region, get in touch with us. You can also refer to our blogs to learn about insulation’s various methods and details, including tips and tricks to ensure higher durability.

The Benefits of Attic Insulation

Are you on the fence about investing in attic insulation? The following are some of the many benefits that doing so can offer:

  • Money savings: Attic insulation will limit your home's air leakage. This property will help you cut down on heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer.

  • Stable temperature: If your property is not insulated properly, the temperature in it can often fluctuate, causing discomfort. Insulating your attic will help you maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your house.

  • Improved air quality: Attic insulation will prevent pollutants from entering your property through the attic. This will enhance your air quality significantly and protect your family's health.

  • Increased home value: Replacing your old insulation with new high R-value insulation will up your home's value. It minimizes energy costs, guards the roof and makes your house comfortable.

  • Added functionality to the attic: You might not be using your attic because it's too hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Insulation will make your attic comfortable enough to turn into a bedroom, family room or playroom.

  • Prevention of ice dams: Insulating your attic can prevent ice dams from forming on your roof in the colder months. This protects your home from moisture damage.

  • Pest control: Pest-resistant insulation controls the nesting of pests in your attic. These unwanted guests can cause severe structural damage to your home.

Still not convinced? Our team would love to address your concerns. Please reach out to our attic insulation contractors in Bowmanville and the surrounding areas. We also offer mould removal services to our clients.

When Should You Replace the Insulation in Your Attic?

Here are a few signs that suggest that you need an attic insulation replacement for your home: 

  • Indoor temperature fluctuations: Do you have trouble maintaining a consistent temperature in your home? If this is the case, the attic insulation may have shifted. This allows hot and cold air to enter your home, undermining the ability of your cooling and heating systems to maintain effective temperature control. It is not always necessary to replace all of the insulation. Consult our insulation experts to discuss your home.

  • Drafty residence: Is it chilly in your house? Your home will experience a drafty environment if there isn't enough insulation between the indoor and outside air. Check your windows and doors before assuming you have an attic insulation issue. Is it possible to open them? If everything appears to be working correctly, proceed to the attic to inspect for signs of damage. Call your roofing specialist and ask about installing attic insulation if you discover the insulation is pulled up in areas or completely missing.

What Causes Damage to Attic Insulation?

Is your attic insulation damaged? Some of the main causes of damage to insulation are:


  • Pests: Because the attic is usually dark, pests such as rodents and bugs find it warm and a safe location to breed. Some bugs use the insulation as a nesting site, while others go one step further and eat it.

    Although a pest infestation in the attic may be challenging to detect, it is critical to replace any damaged insulation and contact pest management as soon as possible. 

  • Mildew and mould: Mould is a typical issue with attic insulation. If your attic insulation is constructed of cellulose and fibreglass, make sure you deal with mould growth as soon as you spot it.

    Vent leaks that allow water to soak into the insulation are among the most common causes of mould and mildew growth in the attic. It's vital to remember that this health danger needs to be treated right away because it degrades your home's air quality.

  • Ice damming: Ice dams form when warm air rises to the roof and melts the snow during the winter. The melting snow then travels to the roof's edges and gutters, where it refreezes and builds up over time.

    This deposit obstructs your roof's water drainage, allowing water to seep into your attic. Ice dams are more serious than they appear because they can cause severe structural damage to your roof.

How Much Attic Insulation Will I Require?

Often, air enters the home through the attic without you even knowing. This is a result of no or improper attic insulation. The amount of attic insulation required to create an airtight barrier will depend on:

  • The number of windows

  • The number of walls

  • The size of the walls

  • The number of doors

  • The size of the doors

  • The location of your home

Our experts will assess your property, and determine which type and amount of insulation you will require. Please contact us to get a free quote. You can also rely on us for insulation removal.

Contact Us for Attic Insulation in Bowmanville

At our attic insulation company in Bowmanville, we are always welcoming new clients. We take pride in helping our clients enhance their energy efficiency and add value to their homes by providing personalized attic insulation solutions. Our team is always forthcoming with information, and we are honest and transparent about our rates and services. We will respect your property when we work on it and offer end-to-end project management.

Please contact us if you want to know more about our attic insulation in Bowmanville and the surrounding areas.

Insulate Your Home Attic

Trust the pros at Durham Insulation for all your attic insulation needs.

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