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The Preferred Choice to Remove Ice Damming in the Bowmanville Area


When snow and ice freeze on unheated sections of your roof, they can cause ice damming at your Bowmanville home. Frozen water causes your roof to warp, which creates gaps for melting ice to drip through and leak into your home.


Before this happens to your home, schedule an inspection with the contractors at Durham Insulation. Our insulation contractors can ventilate your attic and identify potential problem areas where your roof might experience ice damming.


What Is Ice Damming?

This damaging process begins when snow and ice stick to your roof. It most commonly occurs on roof edges, porch overhangs, and garage attachments. These areas of your roof rarely, if ever, benefit from your home's residual heat.

As a result, snow and ice accumulate and seep through cracks your roof. Eventually, as the snow and ice melt and refreeze, they damage your roof. The more water your roof collects, the greater the risk of roof damage.


How We Can Prevent Ice Damming in Bowmanville?

If you don't prevent ice damming, water can leak into your home's wall cavities, or even into your living areas. We address this problem in three steps.

First, we inspect your roof and your attic's insulation. Our team will identify any areas that haven't been properly sealed. Second, we add a vapour barrier and seal any gaps in your insulation. This step stops melting ice from entering your home.

Lastly, we ventilate your attic. If the attic is properly ventilated, it will maintain a consistent temperature on the roof deck. This stops the ice's melt-freeze cycle before it starts.


Request Your Free Estimate Today

Durham Insulation has provided insulation services to the Greater Toronto Area for 30 years. We're a locally-owned and -operated company. Our team of insulation contractors can prevent ice damming at your Bowmanville home.

To learn more, schedule your consultation today at 905-435-5551 . We offer free estimates for waterproofing, ice damming prevention, and fire restoration projects.


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