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Safe Insulation Removal Services in the Durham Region

At Durham Insulation, we specialize in professional and safe insulation removal in Bowmanville and throughout the Durham Region. Removing insulation is a dirty and sometimes dangerous job, particularly if insulation contains asbestos fibres, such as loose-fill vermiculite insulation. You can rely on our team of technicians to carefully remove old or damaged insulation. We have all the tools and equipment to help you remove insulation in a safe and hassle-free manner. Get in touch with us now for more information.


Why Does Insulation Need to Be Removed?

If your existing insulation has been contaminated by pests or damaged it is essential to remove it. There are a number of other reasons to remove insulation, including:

  • Existing insulation has been trampled on
  • Your renovation project requires insulation to be removed
  • There has been fire or water damage to the existing insulation
  • You are planning to rewire your home and need the insulation removed
  • Wish to have proper ventilation


Common Areas of Insulation Removal

There are some common areas where it might be essential to remove insulation:

  • Attics
  • Basement
  • Crawl Space

These spaces are one of the most common areas where insulation removal is necessary. Rodents are a common problem that many homeowners face. Rat urine and droppings are hazardous and can lead to health hazards if contaminating insulation. It is important that attic insulation is removed to help disinfect the area and undertake adequate pest control measures. In addition to this, another common problem faced includes water damage. If you’ve had a roof leak, there are chances that the insulation has absorbed the moisture, which further leads to the growth of mould spores or mildew. Over time it leads to the ineffectiveness of the insulation, requiring insulation removal and replacement with new insulation material.


Insulation Removal Process

While undertaking the insulation removal process, our staff are always completely covered in necessary safety gear. We use specialized vacuum cleaners and equipment to help you get rid of insulation. In addition to this, we can also handle insulation that may contain asbestos, such as loose-fill vermiculite insulation. Asbestos fibres may be released into the air during the insulation-removal process and can lodge in the lungs, causing scarring that may lead to disease and impaired lung function. In order to reduce the dangers associated with removing asbestos-containing insulation, the job must be left to the professionals like the team at Durham Insulation. We can replace old insulation with new insulation after removal with options like spray foam or batt & blown insulation .


Leave It to the Professionals

Our team of professionals have the experience, tools, and skills to handle insulation removal projects with ease, keeping safety measures in mind. Play it safe. Contact Durham Insulation for insulation removal in Bowmanville, Ajax , Oshawa , Whitby and throughout the Durham Region


Schedule Safe Insulation Removal 

The professionals at Durham Insulation can safely remove and replace old or damaged insulation in your home.

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