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Benefits of Effectively Insulating Your Attic

Canadians are expected to see a 50 to 100 percent increase during the cold season.

One way to save on energy is by insulating attics. Installing attic insulation is one improvement for your home that you should not shy away from doing.

There are so many benefits that you will start reaping immediately.

Take a closer look at some of the major ones you will receive when you insulate your home attic.

Reduced Energy Bills

One of the biggest benefits of insulating your attic is that you're going to enjoy a reduced home energy bill. Insulating your attic is one of the time-tested and proven ways to lower the cost of heating and cooling your home.

Getting your attic insulated by a professional from Durham Insulation reduces the amount of warm air that flows out of your house during the winter. It also helps regulate the amount of warm air that comes in during the summer.

All of this means that your HVAC system will not have to work as hard and you will see a significant reduction in your energy bill.

Use the Space

Many people do not use their attic for anything except storage simply because it is too warm or too cold during certain months. Installing attic insulation will help you to have the perfect temperature no matter what time of the year it is.

You can turn this room into a playroom, or even an extra bedroom in your home. This will also add value to your home.

Keep Pests Out

Another thing that having your attic insulated can do is prevent pests from getting into your home. Some insulation is pest resistant and you can use these to prevent insects such as mice or birds from living inside your attic.

Removing your old insulation is often a good thing because older insulation could already have insects residing in it. There may be animal waste, and even dead animals lodged there.

Replacing your older insulation with a pest resistant one is a great way to protect your health and increase your home's value.

Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing

One of the more unpleasant things that can happen is that your pipes get frozen. This can happen because of poor insulation in your attic.

By insulating your attic, you are preventing cold air from coming into it and freezing the pipelines that run through your attic. This can prevent you from having costly plumbing repairs.

The Benefits of Insulating Attics

As you can see there are many benefits that you can get from insulating attics. This means that you should be looking to get this done sooner rather than later.

The quicker you do, the more money you will save on energy costs while increasing the value of your home. You may also be able to make a comfortable living space out of your attic.

If you would like help with insulating your attic, please contact us at Durham Insulation, our team stands ready to answer your questions and help you with your insulation.


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