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How You Can Save Money on Heating with Blown Insulation in Whitby & Bowmanville

Save money with blown insulation in Whitby

Year after year, Ontarians spend a significant amount of money on heating their homes. And if you heat with electricity, your heating costs have gone up by more than 15 percent over the last year. Yet many homes lose heat through their roofs due to inadequate blown insulation in Whitby. While edifices in warmer climates can get away with insulation at an R-value of 38, us lucky folks living in the Great White North require R-49 to achieve adequate protection from our extreme winter temperatures.

Do You Need More Attic Insulation?

If you’re wondering if your home requires more insulation in the attic to achieve optimal energy efficiency, you can get a good idea by eying the joists. If the insulation sits below them, you’re likely in need of at least several more inches. To find out how much more insulation is required, you can measure the depth of the insulation you have in inches and multiply it by the R-value attributed to the type of insulation installed. Find the R-value by conferring with your local insulation company or by searching online. The sum then simply needs to be subtracted from 49 to uncover the amount needed. 

Options for Adding More Attic Insulation

Both batt insulation and blown insulation can be used to top up what’s already installed. However, homeowners often prefer services for blown insulation in Whitby, Bowmanville and other areas in the GTA when looking to save money on heating costs. The reason for this is that blown insulation is better able to fill gaps and crevices that batt insulation is less adept at filling. A professionally installed application of blown insulation is more airtight and better able to prevent drafts.

Options for Installing Attic Insulation from Scratch

If your old insulation was contaminated and needed to be removed, or if you’re looking to insulate a newly built home, there’s a third insulation option available to you: spray insulation. This product provides an extremely airtight barrier that prevents warm air from escaping and cold air from entering. This product is more costly, but it works extremely well and can be easily applied to even the most irregular surfaces. It does however require the trained expertise of a professional insulation technician. Batt insulation and blown insulation are also options when insulating from scratch.

The Importance of Proper Installation 

The most energy-efficient insulation is insulation that’s properly installed. Though many home renovations can easily be tackled with DIY methods, when it comes to batt, blown or spray insulation, it’s best to leave the job to the pros. In Bowmanville, Whitby and other nearby areas, Durham Insulation has provided superior insulation services for nearly 30 years. Contact us today to arrange an in-home consultation or to receive a free quote on our services.


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